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1525642_1374799459483944_736082103792669330_nBootle tool shed was set up to meet the needs of the ever growing group of 50+ men who live/work/visit in the Bootle area, (although our target group is older men we welcome any age or gender to get involved)

There have been a number of studies done in recent years on the effects of social isolation on this group in particular, and these studies show the need for social groups to be set up around a common interest and that’s what we aim to do here.  Men generally find it more difficult to re-engage with those around them when they retire/are made redundant or if a marriage/relationship breaks down, or if they even become widowed.

We want to provide a place that offers friendly comfortable surroundings where people can come and get involved in number of activities including woodwork, DIY, furniture repair, painting, model making, or whatever the group or individual wants to do, it’s more about the inclusion than the activity, it’s this that improves the health and wellbeing of our members.

At Bootle Tool Shed we want to try to encourage a mix of generations as studies have shown that the skill sharing of these mixed age groups is a great benefit to all, but this will be done on a sessional basis so those that want to get involved can and those that don’t have warning to steer clear.

We are always open to suggestions for new activities and if we have the space and budget we will endeavour to see that it happens so please don’t be shy to suggest anything after all this is your space.

We run on a committee model like most other members of UK Men’s sheds association so if you feel like putting yourself forward for a role on our committee feel free to get in touch.

We like to get involved with other community groups whether this is us building a bench for a seating area at the local community centre, or if you are a local group and you want us to build you some garden

planters and the likes again just ask.

We are funded by the kindness of bigger companies that operate in and around our local community, and by national organisations that have a community programme in place, so finding funds is always a challenge but one we accept we have to do

Our handy man service puts any monies made back into the project so we can offer the use of the “shed” to our members free of charge

We are always looking for new ways of finding funding so any if you know a community minded millionaire we would be happy for an introduction or the chance to build them a bird box or two for their extensive grounds!

All joking apart if you can think of a way for us to raise funds please let us know.

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